We create software
tailored to business

We have the courage to take on difficult programming challenges. We help our clients in difficult situations by choosing optimal solutions. We advise using our extensive experience. We are also human...

A few words about us...

Imoli is a software house where we know how to put out IT fires.

We're a tight-knit group of geeks, each one shot to the max around their passion. The CEO is here - a workaholic. There are programmers - professionals in the field of front-end, back-end and all other "-ends" who make everyday life easier for everyone by providing new software. There are designers - specialists in UI/UX, branding and graphics who see the project through the eyes of the user. Set a goal for us and we will achieve it!

We believe that there is no limit to perfection 💎

Why they
choose us?

Lack of line is not a bug, it's a feature 😉

Years of experience
Completed projects
Professionals on the team
Yerba mate gourds drunk a day

Prizes and awards

Clutch, Top developers, Eastern Europe 2021
Wadline, Top software developers

A few more words 🙂

We are a company that offers comprehensive services.

Come to us with an idea for your business and we will transfer it to the digital world. Take care of your business and leave the software to us. Let everyone do what they like and do the best.

We can easily handle any task entrusted to us 💪


We implement the most demanding projects

If necessary, we advise in choosing the best solutions. We always put your satisfaction first.


Our products and services are used by millions of users around the world. Hundreds of international brands have already trusted us. Join them and you!

Reserved place for your brand

Kamil Gradek

A player of the professional CCC Team